About JCS

The Johnson Center for Simulation provides services and products that impart real-world skills, information, and knowledge through immersive virtual reality and serious games. Since 2000, we have provided VR analysis, information, planning assistance, products, and training to public and private sector clients. JCS assembles multidisciplinary teams based on the requirements of each assignment. Our programmers and staff work closely with clients to incorporate field data, moving beyond virtual to build detailed, realistic simulations and other services that help provide an interactive environment.


The mission of the Johnson Center for Simulation is to enable and support the use of computer simulation to improve education and training, to promote economic development, and to enhance decision-making processes. The Johnson Center works with state and local agencies, education systems, other organizations, and business and industry to build simulations and promote economic development.

Our Team

Employee - Jewell, Tim

Tim Jewell
Tim Jewell
Tim is a dedicated programmer at JCS. His experience with programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, and .NET technologies is beneficial to the Johnson Center's growth and development and continues to be a vital asset to the team.